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 The Center Street Cemetery is open to the public daily, weather permitting, from sunrise until sunset.  There is a map located in the northeast corner of the cemetery (Center St. and Orchard St.)  which shows the location of the markers for 17 of the prominent, early settlers of Wallingford. 

There are many sources available for cemetery research.  Several of them are listed below.  However, the Center Street Cemetery Association cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the material since it is subject to human error.  Most of the websites and other resources have been the result of individual research which has then been submitted and compiled.  As in all genealogy research, it is important to verify information with multiple sources and  determine the supporting material and where it is located.

Listing of 118 Civil War Soldiers in the Center Cemetery (Click link below)
                      91  Died after the Civil War
                      28  Died during the Civil War

The Charles R. Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions contains vital information from headstone inscriptions in over 2,000 Connecticut cemeteries that were recorded in a W.P.A. project directed by Charles R. Hale ca. 1932-5. These records are bound in volumes for each town and are indexed on slips in a single alphabetical file.  These slips reside in the Connecticut State Library.  However subsequent lists by town and by cemetery which have been transcribed and are posted on the Internet.                                                                             
A subset of the Hale collection, plus additional entries, covers the Center Street Cemetery in Wallingford.  It was transcribed circa 2006, by Gary Nilson of Wallingford, CT, and includes the Hale records plus an additional 2000 gravesites for a total of 3512 names presented in alphabetical order.
Jane Devlin, deceased, also has the Wallingford Barbour Collection on her website, transcribed by Coralynn Brown.

When used together, the Hale cemetery records and the Barbour Collection (vital records) can fill in the blanks when researching a family. The CT State Library has both collections in Hartford.

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FIND A GRAVE.COM                   
Find A Grave currently has over 4,953 entries for the Wallingford Center St. Cemetery                                         

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