In Memory of John Brockett

John Brockett was among the 38 signers of the Plantation Covenant for the new town of Wallingford.  John Brockett, John Moss, Abraham Doolittle and Samuel Street were appointed  to manage all plantation affairs in ye said village.” 

In this new settlement, John Brockett at once became one of the leading men and, for years, he represented the town in the General Assembly.  In 1672, John became the Distributor of Land in Wallingford. He divided the plots of land into six acre parcels. When a new family wished to move into Wallingford, they had to first be approved by the Congregational Church. Then they went to Mr. Brockett or Mr. Doolittle to see which plot they would be assigned. Also, they could be “removed” from Wallingford if they did not attend the church services, report for military practices or disobey other laws and regulations of the town.

John assigned himself the furthest plot from the center of town to the south, right at the edge of the Wallingford – North Haven boundary by Wharton Brook.  John Moss had the plot immediately to the north.  John lived in Wallingford with his wife and 7 children for the rest of his life. Three other children died early.  John died in Wallingford, Conn., March 12, 1690, aged  80 years.

Over years past, it has been mentioned that John Brockett is buried in the Center Street Cemetery but there is no trace of his original gravestone. The Brockett descendants, led by Walter Brockett, arranged for a new stone to be placed in honor of John Brockett as a part of the 350 Jubilee  Ceremony

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